Friday, May 4, 2012

Being Butterfly Caregivers....

Our church decided to do a butterfly release this year for Pentecost, which is May 27th.  Usually we have helium balloons and/or dove releases, but with the return of our helium tank due to helium shortages, we decided to look at other options to symbolize the releasing of the Holy Spirit and new life in the Holy Spirit that we celebrate on Pentecost Sunday.

So, after researching some places online, we made the purchase of what could be over 75 butterflies (that is IF they all survive and hopefully hatch by Pentecost Sunday!!).
Larger containers with 5 larvae
The larvae arrived yesterday afternoon, and this morning Deb and I got our "babies" ready in their new nursery with their special butterfly food.

Smaller containers we had to add
butterfly food to and then transfer the larvae.

We ordered a kit that included a butterfly
hut, but we had to transfer food and larvae to
containers.  The refill kits are better, just have to
take them out of the boxes, already have larve (5)
and food in them ready to grow.

yum, yum... butterfly food...NOT!
It was kind of yukky smelling..blech!

Deb is using a brush that was provided
to gently move the larvae into each container.

It will take approx. 3 weeks until we have butterflies ... so we are praying that this project WILL workout and the butterflies will come forth in time for releasing them on Pentecost Sunday.   More updates to come in 7 - 10 days!
Here are our "babies" already to grow!  Covered them for now with a box top
No direct sunlight or heat or AC either.  No shaking them or moving them during
the metamorphosing process.  In 7 - 10 days we have to transfer them to the butterfly
hut until they hatch (about another 7 - 10 days later).

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