Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Image3D - Made my own Viewmaster-like Reels! VERY COOL!

Last week I found this website Image3D, where you can submit your own photos to make a reel for viewing in a Viewmaster-like viewer.  The site allows you to type in text, that will appear 3D on the photos you choose.   It also has places where, if you are a good photo-shop graphic design person, you can convert your 2D photos to 3D, or they will also do that for you (I have yet to check that out, but plan on it!).

You can also send in 3D photos if you have a camera that takes those kind.


 I was excited to try it out and I ordered one viewer and reel for each of the 3 grandsons for their birthdays, each had their own personal photos, so they can also have fun looking at each others too.

I received them a couple of days ago, and they were GREAT!  I am so happy with them, and the grandkids LOVED them too!

So, I just ordered a few for our Church, and may order more soon too, for my art, more family ones, for Father's Day, etc.

Once others see how neat they are, I may have to do some re-orders as well!

Thanks Image3D!!!

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Liz - Image3D said...

Your welcome Roberta!
Your reels are awesome! Can't wait to see more :-)