Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day - What a great day in so many ways!

Kasey helping with Sun. School.
I am thankful for such a great day today!  Starting with the Sunday School kids and Kasey's helping me in our Mother's Day gift project the kids made.

Gifts for MOM!

Christ Church Men who put on the Mother's Day Brunch
and Basket Drawing.  Thanks guys!

And following Church the men of the parish hosted and served a pot-luck brunch and basket drawing raffle.  Great food, great fun!!  I even won a couple of things ... a haircut and style gift certificate and a large potted fern plant. 

After the Brunch the kids and grandsons all came over for the afternoon and evening to celebrate Mother's Day, and the three grandson's birthdays that were coming up this week and in the next couple of weeks.

The boys opened their gifts ...  Jake had wanted a memory foan mattress for his bed - ever since his parents had gotten one he decided he liked how good it felt and he wanted one too... so we went in with his parents on one.  He also had other gifts from us all too.  One favorite he brought along was an airsoft gun that he showed us as he put it together.

Jeff was excited when he opened his first gift from us, until he saw that it was just an empty plastic container... heh heh ... we told him all the things he could do with it, and sounded all happy about the empty container, but he was puzzled as to why we would give him such a gift and what was so fun about an empty container!? *lol*

Then we gave him the other gift... which was a Lego playset,  and the container was to put all the parts in ... he was much happier then!
Then we gave Josh his gift ... which was a new desk that his dad and grandpa made together.  We also added some desk things, folders, tape dispenser, colored paper clips and holders, colored pencils, glue and more.  He was excited to store all his art materials in it and to use it.  It is not all the way finished yet, but in another week or so it should be done.

Son John grilled pork grillers and Kasey made up roasted veggies and a veggie salad to go along with it too!  YUMMMM!
Afterwards we had our ice cream cone cakes and played a Disney headbanz game that Josh had gotten the day before... a fun time too!

Thanks to the kids and grandkids for a great day!!  One of the best Mother's Day EVER!
And it was fun celebrating the grandson's birthdays too!

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