Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ice Cream Cone Birthday Cakes

I saw a cool idea to make these on Pinterest ... and since we were going to be celebrating the grandsons birthdays on Mother's Day too, I decided to try it out.... they turned out GREAT!

I used a dark chocolate cake mix, followed package directions, but since I had some over-ripe banana's, I also mashed one up and added it to the batter ... and it was YUMMY!!

I mixed up the batter, added it to "jumbo" ice cream cones, set into a baking pan.  I was afraid the cones would burn from being in the oven, but they turned out fine!

These took longer than I thought to bake... about 30 minutes.

I thought these would be good with whipcream topping and sprinkles to look like real ice cream cones.

Kasey and I had to taste test one ... I think they are going to be a GREAT hit for Sunday birthdays!


UPDATED LATER TONITE:  I also made some more of those famous apple pies in an apple for the Mother's Day Basket Raffle at Church tomorrow during the Mother's Day Brunch.  2 Sets of 3 baked apples in some nice serving trays, along with the recipe to make them too!

SOOO, now that it's almost 2 a.m., I'm off to sleep!


Peter K said...

I'd love to see a video of you and the kids eating all this, Roberta LOL

Name: Roberta said...

Peter K ...LOL!! Two of the three grandsons loved them! They ate 2 or 3 each! The other didn't like the banana taste in the chocolate cake, unfortunately... but they were a hit with the rest of the "old" kids too! videos however... photos coming soon.