Saturday, May 19, 2012

Butterfly Habitat Enlarged - More Hatched!

Almost all of the butterflies have emerged from their chrysalis'.  Only about 5 - 6 are left to hatch.  After they emerge, we take the empty chrysalis shells off the netting, to make more room for the butterflies.

Empty feeding pods that the
larvae, then caterpillars lived in until
forming chrysalis'

Empty chrysalis shells removed from
the net habitat after butterflies emerged.

Since so many have hatched now, I made one of our Nets4Life into their new habitat .... not sure how I'll be gathering them up for release on May 27th yet... but I did find out the little butterfly nets I have for an upcoming kids event DO work well when one escapes from the net.. *L*  It just may take awhile to swoop up all 75 of them on Pentecost though?  Guess we'll see....

So here's a few more photos updating our butterfly babies ... and their delicious feast of cantelope and sugar water sprinkled carnations.

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Peter K said...

Yer family is sure growing there, Momma Butterfly. Very nice *S*