Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's May Day!! May Baskets for the Grandsons and Planters for Mom and my Aunt/Godmother

 I found some old bar glasses for tap beer, and old ashtrays at a GoodWill Store... after my discount coupon they cost me about .35 cents each.  So, I turned them into crystal like mushrooms for use in planters.  I found the silver birds for .99 cents each, the wood was scrap wood, the base for the planter was $1.49, the plants were about $1.50, and I had the little glass stones from long ago, had extra potting soil from another project, and plenty of amazing goop too.  I made these two planters for my Mom and for my Aunt Shirley (who is also my God-mother) for a May Day Basket.  The total cost was less than $6.50 each.

Also made the grandsons some candy May Day bags and delivered them today too.  (Holding one here for when granddaughter Jorden visits next as well!). 

Happy May Day all!  Love this tradition of hanging May Baskets and surprising family with goodies,  that I've been doing since I was a child!

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