Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pentecost! Come Holy Spirit!

Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of thy faithful and enkindle in them the fire of thy love...

What a great day ... a full morning of worship, praise and fun!  Up to head to Church early to set up for the coffee and fellowship time, and to take some photos of the early Chapel Service butterfly release...

The adults posed for a fun photo shoot using the butterfly nets I bought for the Sunday School kids to use to try to capture a couple of butterflies to take home (after the later Church service).   Seems that young and old still like to try to catch butterflies!  *lol*
That woman in the sunglasses catching one is my Mom!

We had kites we flew for the processional and outside before the service (doves and butterflies), candle sconces lit (symbolizing the "tongues of fire" spoken of in scripture - Read the Book of Acts).

We had a baptism today too... welcoming into the household of God, thru the Sacrament of Holy Baptism, Nicholai.
The Sunday School kids showed us that "speaking in other tongues" also includes signing with your hands.  And since it is Memorial Day weekend, they also did, for the Recessional Hymn, a more patriotic song.

Here's a video of the kids singing and signing to God Bless America ... little did I realize that one of the younger ones would be revealing too much..*lol*  But, the kids did a great job!  I'm proud of them!One appears to be stage struck, and she did so well in practice the last few Sundays?  Ahh well.   Here they all are, "my kids"!   Gotta love them, and I do!

After the service we did the butterfly release too .... last week the kids begged to have one of the butterflies, so this week they got to try to catch one and put it in the butterfly hut we bought for each child to have.


The kids captured a butterfly or two each, everyone enjoyed the snacks too... it was indeed a Spirit filled morning at Christ Church!!  Thank you Lord!

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