Monday, May 7, 2012

Whoa! How cool is THIS?! The Lord's Prayer illustrated by the Sunday School kids has gone national!

Our Sunday School class, several months ago, took the lines from The Lord's Prayer, and did illustrations of what they felt that prayer would look like via their art. 

They did a great job, I was so impressed at their view of things, and how they illustrated their faith in crayon drawings.  We made many copies of them for all the congregation, and we continue to use them in gift bags for visitors to Christ Church.
During the recent "Through the Eyes of a Child, Lenten Art Show", we made copies for people to take home as well.  A deacon who has been attending our Church for awhile took many copies for a Diocesan heath care seminar.  She is also a parish nurse, and so she shared them with others.

They liked them so much that now our Sunday School kids have gone national!  This coming weekend, at DeKoven Center in Racine, Wisconsin, is the Faith, Hope and Health Conference, the 4th Annual Seasons of Health Ministry Conference, sponsored by the National Episcopal Health Ministries.  Deacon Mary (Misner) told me they have taken the Sunday School Lord's Prayer pamphlet and reproduced it to hand out to all who come to that conference.   WOW!  Pretty cool kids!! What an honor to bring a prayer and blessing to others in such a way!  Great job!  We are proud of your art and efforts in showing forth your faith to others!


ucla-idp said...

This is amazing!!! Would it be alright if we print this picture to show our kids at church as an illustration of Lord's prayer?

Name: Roberta said...

Yes, feel free to use it!! There is a pdf formatted version of it as well at the Christ Church website ... Click on Downloadable files (upper left hand corner)... under Youth Ministry click on THE LORD'S PRAYER ILLUSTRATED BY OUR SUNDAY SCHOOL STUDENTS. I'd love to see what your students create too!