Saturday, July 7, 2012

Congrats to Newlyweds Kenny & Rachel!

Had a great time tonight at the wedding reception of our nephew and new niece, Kenny & Rachel.

It was a great reception, good food, tearful loving toasts, and a fun dance. 

Dad and Mom 

John and me, and my sister Chellie
& husband Bill.
After the bride and groom danced, they had an anniversary dance for all married couples to come out and dance with the bride and groom.  They called out 5 years and under married...and those couples had to leave the dance floor...then 10 years and under...  20 years and under.... 30 years and under... 40 years and under...  at that point it was just my Dad and Mom, and John and I left dancing, but then those 50 years married was called and we had to leave, (married just over 40 years ourselves), and Dad and Mom who have been married 61 years were honored for their marriage.

There were also Father and Daughter dances, after bride, Rachel, and her Dad danced... and then Mother and Son dance after my sister, Susan, danced with her son, the groom, Kenny.
Bill and daughter, Laura.
Mom with son, Jerry.
Susan and Todd, Mark and Harriett.

Dad dancing with all of
his daughters.

Susan with son Kenny.

Rachel & Kenny

Erica and Conner
Sandy and Sean.

All the single ladies waiting to
catch the bouquet!

Aden with Charlie & Sandy.


There was also a fun photobooth there that we all played around in ...
My sisters and brother and me, and daughter and I....


It was a fun night with the family and we wish Kenny & Rachel much more happiness and God's continued blessings, in the years to come!

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