Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Vacation - Day 2 - Winners and Losers!

We slept in pretty late this morning ... and took it easy for  few hours.  Then went to visit John's aunt, who was recovering from a broken leg and was in a rehab place in Portage.  She was scheduled to go home later this afternoon... and is doing great!  It was nice to be able to visit her for a few hours and catch up.

Afterwards we decided to eat lunch at Ho-Chunk and see if we could get lucky at some slot machines.  I managed to do pretty good...for a short time at least... but after putting all my meager winnings back in the machines, John and I left a couple of hours later as LOSERS!!

Yikes! Bears inside Ho-Chunk!

Waterfalls inside Ho-Chunk too!

Grocery stores at least let you take home
something for your money!

We stopped off to pick up groceries before heading back to the camper and came home with something to show for our money at least! *lol*  So, I guess you could say we were winners at least in that way..HA!

Tonite a few more family members arrived at the campground...tomorrow Kasey, Kaine and Jorden, along with about 30 more family members will arrive, and more on Thursday and Friday too!

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