Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday Morning Poker Run - in the Rain!

Rise and shine, it's raining .. it's pouring, the old man is snoring..*L* .. and Jorden is waking up!

Finally a bit of rain arrived in the morning!  Well needed too!  We held a Poker Run at our family campsites after breakfast at Pelnar's, the rain didn't stop the fun as we went from camper to camper to collect our cards.

John, Conner & Erica

Chris and sons.

Mel, Matt & Peggy.
Joey & Jennifer''s campsite.

Getting card's at Bill & Chellie's.

Pick the good cards!

Chellie's bottle tree

Some of the Pelnar's.
Jorden, Hannah, Laura, Kaine & Noah

They already found out they are LOSERS
No good cards picked!

Susan at the Kearney Stop
Pick a card, ANY card...

Todd & Angelina on the run.

Some of the Kearney kids

Oh, Oh, they are LOSERS too!

The big winners ended up being Rachel and Levi!

A fun way to use a rainy
Saturday morning.

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