Friday, July 13, 2012

Devil's Lake State Park Lunch, Swimming & RAIN!

Kearney's supplied lunch for all the family at Devil's Lake ... hot dogs and bratwurst, chips, fruit & more.
We enjoyed the cooler breeze from the lake .. and even enjoyed the freak rain storm that swept in ... except for the fact we had wind damage to our tent canopy and so did the Pelnar's. But we sure DID need the rain... just that the rain didn't make it half an hour north to the campsite.


Jorden, Garrit, Levi, Miquel and Adin.

Chellie and Joey

Lunch Time!

Family Lunch time.

Todd serves up the brats.

Mmmmmm, melon!!

Storms rolling in!

Run it comes!

Looks scary!

Small branches fell from the storm
See how brown the grass is!

We had three people holding down the tent canopy- it ripped and bent.

Rained pretty hard, and another
front came in within minutes.

The storm brought our fun at Devil's Lake to a halt... so we went back to the campground.  Dinner on our own tonight, and then our goofy gift exchange at the Kearney campsite, photos to come later....

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