Thursday, July 12, 2012

Kayaking on the Wisconsin River...

Raegan, Angelina & Jorden playing
while we get the kayaks ready.
 Up early, breakfast at the Nieuwy's, then off to kayak the river! Smaller group than usual, but a new river run for us... fun and beautiful day!

Waiting on the beach for the guys to
get back from the shuttle run.

Jorden has her own little
space on Daddy's kayak
complete with shade!
Kaine, Jorden ready to go!
Kasey on the river.
Susan, Angelina & Todd.

Claudia & Felicia waiting to head out.

Jorden enjoying the water.

Kaine & Jorden.

Peggy & Claudia.

The view from my kayak.

Scenery - Hawk's Beak Rock Formation.

John racing one of the WI Ducks.
Lunch Stop - Kaine & Kasey.

Kasey & Kaine - Lunch Stop.

Jorden Swimming during Lunch

Jennifer, Joey, Kasey, Chellie & Peggy.
Jorden Sand Monster

VERY cool rock formations!

We canoed & kayaked between them
and inside the them!

About to enter into the rock


Peggy - photo op!

The house on top.
Going through the rock formation

The view from inside.

Going out from inside.

After going through the tunnel
inside the rock.
No rapids on this trip, just waves from
some of the excursion boats we
saw along the river.

River Scenery, steps up to a house.

Old moorings and a buzzard.

Miguel got tired, Todd & Susan
pulled him part of the way.

River Scenery, Beautiful House.

Excursion Boats & WI Ducks shared
the river with us.

Rock formation I left where we got off the river.
Lots of fun on the river!! After loading up, we headed back to the camp site for more fun!

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