Monday, July 9, 2012

Vacations, love them - even if they start out not so hot!

 Left home at a pretty decent time after working in the A.M....BUT, then had a flat tire on the trailer less than an hour from home... ugghh!

Not so much fun for John to have to change the tire on the busy interstate highway... but at least it wasn't on the drivers side.

There was a lot of traffic for a Monday afternoon too! So, after getting it changed, we had to stop to get another tire or two, since the spare was a real old one as well and John was afraid it would shred as well in the heat of the road.

Camper Sweet Camper!

 But, finally we arrived at the campground and set up the tent, unpacked and put everything away... ahhhhh time for relaxing and vacation!!

Kayaks and Canoes arrived
The kiddie pool is waiting for Jorden
to arrive on Wednesday!

The trees were dropping all kinds of
The view looking up from the deck.
Skeletal remains of some former
residents of the camper ..*LOL*

John and I ate a late dinner and enjoyed a few games of "Bottle Tops", went swimming and enjoyed the night.  Cooled off really nice here tonite too!  But, it's so dry and no rain in sight, so no campfires are allowed, and in this county not even outdoor smoking is allowed because of the drought conditions.  Good thing the river we are going kayaking on is a big one with plenty of water!

Tomorrow is another day ... of vacation and some fun!

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