Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday School, Family Fun & More....

Clothes Relay Race

Relay Race - Josh and Jake
 We were up early to get ready for Church and Sunday School ....

Fun game times to teach lessons were part of the morning...

God doesn't necessarily look at the outside of you, God reads what is on the inside of you; what you think and how you love and care for others...  if you "put on Christ", you are beautiful inside and out.

Popcorn Catch Game

Popcorn Game.
Popcorn catch game ... not so easy to catch when you are far from each other, distance away from each other make a difference... So too with God, the closer you are to God, the easier it is to "catch" what God might be saying to you and helping to guide you.

The lesson for today also focused on Jesus telling us that we should take time for some rest and relaxation... time to refresh our souls and body.

Sidewalk art with the Sunday School kids

Jake with his art

Jeff with his art

Josh with his art

We talked about things we did this summer to rest and relax, and the kids used sidewalk chalk art to draw pictures of some of those things ... after church the parish members came out to see their artistic renditions.

John, Jeff, Kasey, Jake & Josh playing

Jake, Kasey & Josh being goofy.

John-John and Jeff playing.
Then it was time to head home ... John and Janel came and brought pizza and chicken for a late lunch, we had fun with the bottle tops game again (Sure am getting my .99 cents worth out of that Goodwill game!)... it was another great day with family! 

Thank you Lord!

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