Saturday, July 21, 2012

Grandsons - FUN, FUN, FUN!

We have all three grandsons today, Saturday, and on Sunday, and are having a great time doing all sorts of fun things!

Josh & Jake - steady, steady...

Jeff showing off his strength
 After a game or two of bottletops, we had to head to the grocery store to stock up on juice and things to make for dinner and breakfast, then of course a fast stop at the Dollar Store! I got some cheap finger paints there for the boys to be artistic on each other... *lol*

Josh, Jake and Jeff
After a late lunch I pulled out the storage bins that the boys "swim" in on the deck, filled them with water,  pulled out the paint and foam brushes and the boys went to work on each other and on themselves...
Body Painting Fun

Making sure they got their bellybuttons!

Jake - Bean
Good thing we had the hose handy nearby!
Starting to get messy!

Rinsing off - well somewhat...
Time to really get cleaned up .... since all the paint didn't come off so well in cold hose water, it was shower time upstairs for all three .... and then time to husk the sweet corn they picked out for dinner...
husking sweetcorn

They had to try some of it before
it was cooked, and decided it was better
cooked! *lol*

Then it was time for some wagon fun in the yard before coming in to do more dinner prep.....

Older brother Jake makes the younger
brother Jeff pull him around..LOL

The idea, I guess, was to pull one brother up the hill, then run him down it, let go and see what he will crash into!

Yikes!!! *L*

Look at how brown and dead our grass is too... sure need rain!
Run at breakneck speed down the hill
and then let your brother lose to
fend for himself, and crash into stuff!

Duck Jeff!!

Now Jake has BOTH brothers pushing

Add the cornbread mix & ingredients

cutting up hotdogs...
 And then it was time to clean up again and make dinner!

Corn dog muffins, fries and corn on the cob.. yum!
adding applesauce in place of some
of the milk to the cornbread mix.

arranging waffle fries on the pan

Stirring well....
adding hotdogs...

Larger corn muffins got two pieces
of hotdog added...
 And then it's time to pour the mixture into muffin tins, add the hotdogs and bake the corndog muffins and fries.

Great dinner was had by all of us!!  These grandsons are going to make some great husbands someday!

Grandpa John with Jake,
Josh and Jeff

After supper Grandpa John gave them all some hats he had, ... we enjoyed some movies until it was time to make some
"nest beds" in the living room with blankets and pillows and then sleep!

I know, I, for one, am more than ready for sleep!

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