Friday, July 20, 2012

The Squirrel Whisperer ... (more like the Squirrel Shrieker! *LOL*)

I talk to squirrels..... yep, every time I see one I make this noise that either scares them away, or in some cases, makes them come and see ... wonder what it is that I am saying to them?!  haha

This morning there were a couple of squirrels playing around on our front porch ... I peeked out the screen window and started talking ...wish I would have had my camera with me right away!  One ran immediately, but the other one came almost to the screen to look at me!   I snuck away and grabbed my camera, the inquisitive one stayed around, and so I did manage to get a short video of him.   My "talk" sounds more like a scolding, but it was fun to see this squirrel's reaction.

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