Thursday, July 19, 2012

Some projects & an assemblage in the works...

FINALLY!!  I have found some time the last couple of days to be able to be creative with some of my treasures here!  I've so missed being creative, even though I have two door projects I started months ago, that are still NOT finished .. I need some cooler weather and a chunk of time (like 4 - 5 hours) to sand those larger pieces down and stain them more, etc.

Cute chair bench with decorative wood

But here is an easier project (at least I am hoping it will be)... I found this cute little chair bench at a rummage sale at the end of June.  It was pink and dirty, a bit distressed.  So I washed it down, then painted it red, I still have to sand the edges, then put a coat or two of darker stain on it (let it sit then wipe it down so the red shows through still)... then maybe a few coats of polycrylic. 

I will either make or find a cushion for it too.  I have no idea where I'll use this, but it's cute and maybe something Kasey can use for a photo shoot down the road too? 
More photos to come once I get it sanded and stained....

This cross with hands reaching
out will be attached to the back of
inside of the shadow box.

The map is mod-podged on the back of
this shadowbox frame, which once it
dries will be attached to the back.
And here is an assemblage I have in the works too...

Still waiting for the stain to dry, and need to find a treasure or two to add to it yet .... so far, so good...

More on this one in a day or two.....

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