Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mon petit (no, GRAND) chou...

Mon petit chou is a term of endearment in french... literally translated, it means, my little cabbage, but some references say it refers to a french pastry, not a cabbage as we know it... either way ... my reference is to the LARGE, GRAND cabbage that our grandson, Jake, grew for a school project.

Last school year, all of the third graders @ Clinton Elementary school were sent home with a cabbage plant through the "Bonnies Cabbage Plant" program. Each school district chooses one child's cabbage photo to be submitted for a $1,000 college scholarship. Jake's photo was selected for their district. There is one winner for each state. Jake's mom, Janel, says she only saw one other entry for Wisconsin on the Bonnie's Cabbage Plant site.

Wish Jake luck! You can check out his photo on the Bonnie's Cabbage Plant site also!

Congrats Jake!! You and your Dad seem to have the knack at growing giant produce!! You are a winner in our book!! xoxox

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