Saturday, September 11, 2010

Yummmmm .... breakfast pancake!

I don't usually make breakfast ...when the kids were little I did, but when they got out of school, it was everyone for themselves as far as doing breakfast. Usually I just have a piece of toast, or a piece of leftover pizza, if we have any, or sometimes I'll even have a hotdog with mustard for breakfast! *L*

But today I made blueberry pancakes for John, Kasey and myself. I even added some yummy embellishments to mine! DEEEELICIOUS!

Yummm, Yummm in my tum!! (John HATES when I say that..heh heh)


Anonymous said...

Good AM Roberta. Breakfast looks good. The info for the annual elevator inspection company is...Wisconsin Elevator Inspection Inc. - 262-567-4400

They are out of Oconomowoc


Roberta said...

Hey Jim... thanks for the info!! BTW, when will you guys be coming to pick up the church pews... we will need to get them out very soon. I may have someone else coming between noon and 2 today.. any chance you guys can come then too?