Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thank You Jesus ....

It's been a long day. I left at 5:40 a.m. to head over to our older son's home, to babysit our grandsons, get them up, fed, and on the bus ... while my son and daughter in law went to the local hospital for some needed same day knee surgery for son, John.

After playing with grandson, granddogs, washing up breakfast dishes, and almost missing the bus, along with the younger granddog almost jumping on the bus with the kids (LOL), I headed to the hospital to sit with our daughter-in-law, Janel, and wait for surgery to be completed.

It went well... around 9:45 the surgeon came out and told us he was happy with how it went, and there was no arthritis showing in the knee, and that the patient should be good to go home in about 2 hours. Thank you Lord!!

So, knowing the youngest grandson had to be picked up in an hour, I left Janel there and went back their house to wait for Jeff.

We then headed to the grocery store, to pick up items for lunch, dinner and snacks to help in the "recovery" of the patient and for all the family.

We made chicken noodle soup, purchased chicken legs and potatoe wedges for dinner (which the other grandsons had requested before they left for school), got things for grilled cheese sandwiches, which Jeff had requested for lunch, and headed back to their house to wait for the patient to get home.

They arrived about 12:30, and John was looking pretty tired, still doped up some, and after getting in the house with the newly acquired crutches, he went straight to bed. The patient certainly needed his sleep!

I went home for a few hours, then came back to babysit both son John, and two of our grandsons while Janel took the older grandson, Jake, to his football game, an hour away. John, who is one of the coaches for Jake's team was sorry to have to miss the last game of the season, but there was no way he could have gone. He rested off and on, did get up to eat some chicken and some ice cream, but then dozed off again.

The grandsons, Jeff and Josh were very good, as were Buck and Cooter, the granddogs..*G*

So, all went well... and great news was that Jake's team won their last game, 20 - 6, and Jake himself got an interception!! Hurrah Jake!! It made your Dad and Mom very, very happy!! ..and gramma and gramps here too!!

So, finally about 8 p.m. I got back home... a good day, and thankful for good results so far from the surgery... praying for a speedy recovery, and for all my "kids".... AMEN!

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