Sunday, September 12, 2010

Warning - Graphic War Photos

I have been scanning my father-in-laws photos from his war photo albums. They show the grim reality of war, and in these photos, of the time he was in Iwo Jima as a Marine. Out of respect for the dead, I have covered the faces of some... these are very disturbing, a sad history of the battle showing the dead on both sides, the battles in progress, searching out hidden tunnels, a church service and more.

I have also been reading more of the battles at Iwo Jima; one in three Marines at the Battle of Iwo Jima were either killed or wounded. American casualties included 6,891 dead and 18,070 wounded.
The Japanese fared much worse. Of their approximately 22,000 soldiers — only 1,083 survived.

I'll use copies of the photos in the war trunk assemblage memorial I am hoping to make.... more on this to come later.

Even though it is well after the events, my prayers still go out to all who battled, and their families, on both sides. Lord, in Your mercy... hear my prayers.


Maureen said...

Your assemblage will be a very powerful piece, I'm sure. You are bearing witness, both as person and artist; and those who see your work will become witness, too. If we don't look and don't see, we can't hope to stop war.

Roberta said...

Maureen, thank you for your comments.. you are always such a great "cheerleader" of my art and things I try to do... I am grateful for your comments and encouragement!

I agree with your comments too, "if we don't look and don't see, we can't hope to stop war" .. I am excited about this particular project, I have a feeling it make take much time... we'll see.

Thanks again Maureen!! xoxox