Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ohh the things you can pick up at Good Will!!

I am so excited... because I found some unusual items at Good Will (actually the online shop Good Will site), ...but not just because I found them and won the bid on them... but because I told my priest, Fr. Bill, that if there were any he'd like to have, I would LOVE to gift them to him, but that it wouldn't hurt my feelings if he didn't want them at all, because I'd find some use for them in an assemblage sometime down the road.

But Fr. Bill LOVED them, he called me and was just as surprised as I was that items like this could be found at GoodWill. He said he would gratefully accept them with much thanks... to me, that is such a blessing, to be able to give to someone who loves things like this as much as I do, and I am so happy he will be able to use/wear them too! *S*

Can't wait to see the first Sunday or weekday service he wears one of them... Thank you Lord for blessings that come in surprising ways at surprising places!

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