Friday, September 24, 2010

A Monk's Rosary Prayer Assemblage Remake - Take TWO...

A day ago I posted part of this... and I didn't really like how it turned out... so here is my second attempt at using some of the things I loved. Sometimes less is more I took off some of the rosaries, the candle, the base it sat on, and switched them out. I like this a lot more now, but it may not be finished yet... sitting, pondering, and thinking of other ways to showcase some of these things.

I appreciated the comments from Robin and Maureen on the former try at it ... hope to hear what they and others think too.


Robin Arnold said...

It looks much more grounded now, the wood makes much more sense although I wonder if there could be a stacked effect to transition the base to the monk bottle? To repeat the sort of stacking on top? Also to provide a different level for the cup which is also swell. I do like it much better without the candle. I think if you ever use this in a prayer setting the candles would be most effective around the base anyway. What are the things on either side of the cross? Are they doll arms? And sort of an arms wide open to Christ idea? I'm going to be home to help my Mom in October. Can I come give you a hug?

Maureen said...

Robin makes some of the same points I would have. I like the use of a labyrinth for a whole host of reasons, one being finding our way, although if there were a way to include among a more stacked, less flat base, it would, I think, heighten the use of the labyrinth and create a connotation of how hard it is, too, to find our way. If you create a stacked base, perhaps the cup could rest on one level.

The hands outward rather than inward are a nice touch.

It might be interesting to be able to swap out the centerpiece to suit the context in which the assemblage is presented. I make the assumption of the cross present (and it is on the body of the monk), so, again, a less literal centerpiece might work better.

Thank you for being so open to suggestions.

Roberta said...

Thanks Robin... yes, those are arms in the candle holder on the sides.

Maureen, thanks also, I was thinking of putting a wooden heart, whittled down at the tip to fit into the candleholder... I may try that also.

Thanks for all the tips!!

Roberta said...

Robin... Oh, and YESSS, I hope we can get together when you come back home!! I'll be at Diocesan Convention Oct 8 & 9 ... and I have the grandsons on Oct. 2 & 3, but hopefully we can get together when you are here... what dates are you coming?

Robin Arnold said...

Mom's surgery is the 19th. I was thinking of driving the weekend before. I'd like to try the trip in one day. I think it's long but doable. Bob can't get off so it's just me. Maybe we can find some stuff for you in my dad's garage!