Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Remake - Cleaning Up

Here is a piece I did a few years ago. I didn't like the background I had used, and it sat in the basement, collecting dust. (no pun intended, since there is a dustpan in the piece..*L*)

I had inspiration from another assemblage artist who used a crucifix and dustpan, I really liked that piece, but I added more things to the one I did, and I didn't like it so much.

So, I decided to redo this one. I took off the checkerboard background, and stained/painted the cross to match the dustpan more, and I switched out the corpus of Jesus, and added a dove (Holy Spirit) descending above Jesus. I kept the pieces of a globe in the dustpan. I have also decided not to post any kind of explanation as to what I intend to convey here...but to have people decide what it is they see in it.

I like this much better now ... but I am thinking I may use this, not as a separate piece, but in some kind of installation ... yet to come... we'll see.


Maureen said...

I very much like the changes you've made. The effect is subtler and deeper.

Roberta said...

Thanks Maureen! It's not really my idea, but one I added to ...but I like it better too (than it was).

I have another idea in the works ... with an old vintage, wooden, Bissell carpet sweeper ... similar to this idea. I like the old vintage things to work with.