Thursday, September 9, 2010

"The Yetti" Great Pumpkin

Contrary to what the photo looks like, John is NOT trying to "hatch" this pumpkin...heh heh...

Our older son, John, has been raising some GIANT pumpkins this summer. He and the grandsons have been pampering three pumpkins, trying to grow some huge ones. John had gotten some seeds from a friend who had grown a HUGE one last year, and decided to try growing some himself. (His friend entered his record 800 pound pumpkin at the Walworth County Fair this year!!).

This is one of the three, not the largest, but still mighty big!

The largest pumpkin is named "The Yetti"... the largest of the three. John noticed one of his pumpkins had rotted on the bottom, and inside too. So he decided he better cut the other two off the vines and move them so they wouldn't suffer the same fate.

He had (old) John, his dad, come over with the bobcat to help lift and move it to a trailer to be taken down to a local place to get an accurate weight on it. Here is a view of both the pumpkins they moved with the bobcat.

Lowering John's prized Yetti onto the scale, lots of help needed.... the Yetti weighed in just under 300 pounds!! WOW!! Not too bad for the first try in raising giant pumpkins! John's already making plans for a better place in the yard to grow even larger ones next year! A fun project that the whole family enjoyed!

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